• Interior Painting   A fresh paint job on your home's interior can also protect your walls.

  • Exterior Painting       You would be amazed how much a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of a  residential building can refresh and revamp the appearance of a home.

  • Drywall Repair    It is important in maintaining your homes value to repair drywall,  Sheetrock, and ceiling cracks and damage. The sooner you can repair this  damage the better so it doesnt lead to bigger more costly repairs down  the road. You can save time by letting Jim Hallman Painting handle these  repairs.

  • Power Washing                                 Before every painting project, we always  take the time to power wash your exterior surfaces to ensure that they  are clean and free of debris. .You can always rely on us to expertly  clean: Driveways / Decks / Sidewalks / Siding / Concrete / Brick

  • Property Maintenance    Every month Property Maintenance takes on new and varied tasks.Rely on Jim Hallman to handle most maintenance issues.

                                        Offering you with a wide range of services. We exclusively us Sherwin Williams Duration for interior painting, which is a lifetime paint. We also use Sherwin Williams Emerald exterior paint on all Exterior jobs, It also is a lifetime paint. We use Sherwin Williams Pro Classic enamel on all Trim. These are the finest paints on the market and we only use the best.